February 17, 2004

Postcards For Mom

This is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. This guy has decided to have people send postcards and other objects to him mom from around the world. The funny part? Act like you know her. Don't mention the website. She has no idea what's going on and why she's getting all this mail. He changes the object every month (this month is business cards, last month was bottlecaps). So far she thinks it's this guy's brother having his friends send mail from all over.

Go ahead, mail a postcard. Be sure to read the rules and check out what other people have sent. It's fun!

Posted by Shelby at February 17, 2004 09:21 AM

hey, it IS my brother! why, i would NEVER dream up such a crazy scheme!

ok, maybe it is my doing. but dont tell mom... hehe...

thanks for the post, more traffic means more useless mail for mom...

Posted by: will at February 20, 2004 12:58 PM
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