February 25, 2004

Berlin Pictures

Not much to report today. We've run the gamut of weather today--snow, sleet, rain, snow again, sunshine, hail, snow one more time, and now the sky is clear but there's a little snow accumulation on the ground.

I got my first non-Kevin phone call. Our phone has caller id and I almost didn't pick it up but I thought it might be Kevin calling from a pay phone or something. He's doing a little shopping on his way home from work tonight. So I pick up the phone:

Me: Hello?
Woman: [something in German]
Me: Nein.
Woman: Nein? [something else in German]
Me: Ich spreche keine Deutsch (I don't speak any German)
Woman: Oh. Tut mir leid (I'm sorry). Tschuß! (a friendly, informal "bye!)

So that was that.

Kevin put up some pictures of our day in Berlin. He also wrote some commentary about it on his blog about traveling in our post-heart-condition world.

In other exciting news, we've decided to meet my parents in Amsterdam for a week-long river cruise through Holland. Neither of us have been to Holland or been on a river cruise, so that should be a fun experience. Afterwards Mom and Dad will be coming back to Hamburg with us to visit for a few days. This will be in April, at Easter.

Posted by Shelby at February 25, 2004 07:59 PM

I loved the photo's save another trip for us when we get to Hamburg - it has been a place we have wanted to visit forever. The weather looked great too. Sounds like lots of fun.
Good for you and your German - and that's only the first 2 weeks. You will do very well no doubt by the time you return to the US.
See you soon. Love, Mom :-)

Posted by: Shirley at February 26, 2004 12:26 AM
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