March 02, 2004

German Class, Day 2

Tonight was day 2 of my German class and some irritating definite personalities are beginning to emerge. Here's a note to a few of them.

Dear Mr. Speedy,
You probably think it makes you sound smart or sophisticated to say everything as fast as possible, hopefully tricking people into thinking you're a native speaker. Unfortunately, no one can understand you, including the teacher. Why don't you slow down with the rest of us peons and try to speak coherently.

Dear Mr. Impatient,
Do not answer questions when it is not your turn. I'm sorry that some people in the class take longer to figure out the answers than you do, but you are not helping by rudely interjecting the answer before the person can work it through themselves. We are all here to learn and I'm sorry if we're going too slow for you, but try to be a little more courteous.
P.S. If you absolutely have to shout out your answer, make sure it's right before doing so.

Dear Mr. Pronounciation,
It is not your job to correct other people's pronounciation. Interrupting them while they are speaking is rude and inconsiderate. The teacher will supply the correct pronounciation as needed. And like Mr. Impatient, you might want to pay attention to your own incorrect pronounciation before "correcting" others.
P.S. "Ich," meaning "I" and one of the most oft-used words, is pronounced "eesh," not "itch" and certainly not "ick." Get it right before you start pointing out other's faults.

This has been a Public Service Announcement.

Posted by Shelby at March 2, 2004 08:07 PM