March 07, 2004

Not Much

Not much to talk about the last few days. We have settled into a routine, and I've gotten used to what I once found were the oddities of Germany. I did, however, have one exciting event--I found full-sized glasses! Uh, that would be drinking glasses.

When we moved in, I was a little dismayed by our cup situation. We had wineglasses (hurray!), mugs, and drinking glasses that were short and held even less liquid than your typical hotel glass. No problem, I thought. I'll just stop by Wal Mart and get some cheapo plastic cups. Uh, not so easy. First, it appears that plastic glasses don't even exist in Germany. Even the brightly colored obviously-for-children glasses are glass. Next, it took a while to even find tall glasses. And strangely enough, they mostly come in packages of 3.

I finally found tall glasses in a package of 4 for some hugely expensive price like 1.50 Euro (a little under $2.00). When I got them home, however, I was dismayed to find that while tall, they were very skinny. In fact, I tested them out, and they hold the volume of a regular sized mug. On the other hand, there's something psychologically satisfying about drinking out of a glass of normal height.

Then Kevin dropped one. Oops. And I became determined to find some real glasses. Back at Wal Mart, I found some. Real, American-sized glasses. In a package of 3, but for the low low price of 1.50 Euro (again). I snatched these up and briefly thought about buying 6. We'll see. We had juice out of them this morning and it was very exciting.

See? That's the kind of excitement around here lately.

Posted by Shelby at March 7, 2004 02:39 PM