March 15, 2004

What Did You Just Call Me?!

A nifty meme from Dave:

If you called me Shelby or Shelb, you're almost anyone I know.
If you called me Shel, I will make that face you make when you hear nails on a chalkboard.
If you called me Shelly, I will let you know in no uncertain terms that my name contains a "b."
If you called me Alaska, you know me from camp.
If you called me Dear, you're my Grandpa (of course, with gramps all females are "dear" and all males are "son").
If you called me Auntie Shelby, you're Corie.
If you called me Honey or Baby, you're my mom.
If you called me Shelbyville, you're Sandy.
If you called me Kodak, you were in my sorority.
If you called me Mrs. Hogan you're a telemarketer or are somehow connected to a doctor's office.
If you called me Shelbyscout, you're any number of people on a few internet forums I frequent or used to frequent.
If you called me Rosiass, you're one of the multitude of people who think they've invented that nickname. Also you're a little over 2 years out of date--it's Hogan now.
If you called me Girl, you're my husband.

And that's all I can think of.

Posted by Shelby at March 15, 2004 10:05 PM

I'm sorry, I couldn't stop laughing at Rosiass. But, I hasten to add, I was laughing with you, not at y... oooooookay, and I'm not fooling anybody, am I?

(Thanks for the linky-love, as always, Shelby!)

Posted by: Dave at March 15, 2004 10:14 PM
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