March 20, 2004

New Shoes!

It's rainy and very windy here tonight. We're cozy inside drinking a nice Côtes-du-Rhone with a label in Braille. For obvious reasons we've come to call this the "Braille Wine." It's quite good.

Last night we treated ourselves to a dinner out. We decided on the Japanese restaurant located across the way from my language school. Seeing lots of Japanese people when we walked in was a good sign. We were immediately given menus in English, luckily. We decided to order a cook-at-your-table dish of vegetables and beef filet with a special sauce. Once we got the hang of it it was delicious!

Today we set out to buy me some Birkenstocks. I've wanted them for a long time and now that I'm having problems with plantar fasciitis, I thought now would be a good time to make the investment. We struck out at the first shoe store where their entire line consisted of remaindered shoes in odd sizes. We then went to an all-Birkenstock store where we hit gold. I had a hard time deciding because they just didn't fit like I was used to shoes fitting. I'm used to tight shoes, and Birks are meant to be loose and roomy. I fell in love with a pair of shoes I ended up getting. From their Footprints line, they're the Ventura style. Here is a picture. Aren't they cuuuuuuuute?? I had no idea Birkenstocks made regular shoes with their cork soles but they do. I'm wearing them right now and am already breaking them in.

We then hiked over to Karstadt to see about some thicker socks. I don't know how the sock thing will work out with these shoes. I may just have to get used to the roominess. I got a pair of thicker socks at Karstadt and also found a very cute thin sweater on the discount rack. Big day for shopping!

Now, time for dinner.

Posted by Shelby at March 20, 2004 09:54 PM

oooooo -- I love the shoes! I adore Mary Jane style shoes! And no, I had no idea Birkenstocks made regular shoes either.

Posted by: Ileen at March 28, 2004 05:02 AM
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