April 18, 2004

Fear Not, I Have Returned!

Blank blog! Sad! My blog is set to display only the last week's entries and since it's been over a week since I blogged, well draw your own conclusions.

Our trip to the Netherlands was AWESOME! Full updates later. My parents are still in town and we're entertaining so I won't get to full blogging mode for another couple of days.

And you'll be happy to know (or for some of you, disappointed) that the only pot I smoked in Amsterdam was the secondhand smoke coming from some 65 year old guy sucking down a joint as we boarded the streetcar. He then dropped it on the ground like any other cigarette (still burning), and I couldn't quite get over the fact that he dropped half a roach, unsmoked!, on the ground like that. But I guess you can do that sort of thing in Amsterdam.

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Posted by Shelby at April 18, 2004 05:48 PM