May 01, 2004

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day in Germany, anyway. And much like every other holiday here, this translates to "Happy Everything is Closed Day." Still we managed to get out to see a few things, although not the museum we had hoped to see.

First we went to a street festival in St. Georg. In German, Georg is pronounced "gay-org" (but then again, if you're a Sound of Music fan you would know that already) and apparently there's a movement to advertise St. Georg as GAY-org. So this festival turned out to be a strange amalgam of Gay Pride and International Festival. It lacked the drag parade that identifies a true pride festival but there was a small parade of what looked like South American dancers--or actually several Germans dressed up to look South American. It was a little odd, but fun.

We then headed over to the museum of Arts and Crafts. That was interesting but unfortunately I should have listened to that little voice in my head that said "go home and take a nap first." I made it through the first floor of the museum but kind of petered out after that so we made an abbreviated visit.

It's raining. It's not. It's raining. It's sprinkling. It's not. It's humid as hell. There's thunder but no rain. Getting the idea? It looks like we are in for an entire week of rain or almost-rain. I'm not a big fan of rain but I'm hoping some good moisture will clear the air of what has to be absolutely astronomical pollen levels. Even Kevin is sniffling and he's not usually as sensitive as I am.

Posted by Shelby at May 1, 2004 07:52 PM