May 06, 2004

Book Report

I finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle yesterday. Wow, what a great book. It's funny because two different friends both said that they couldn't get through the book (and both of them are avid, intelligent readers) but I found it gripping and very engaging. Perhaps it just struck me at the right time. Anyway, I loved it.

Yesterday we went to a local bookstore. They have a small English language section and I did some browsing. What's interesting is that I saw at least 3 books in paperback that I know are only available in hardcover in the US. Perhaps the American publishers don't want to ship heavy hardcovers of all of their books overseas so they print paperbacks for the international market. Or maybe it's because they want to milk the hardcover market as much as possible. Anyway, I thought that was interesting.

Posted by Shelby at May 6, 2004 12:27 PM