May 20, 2004

A Spammer Who Doesn't Want Spam

Now this is funny. Everyone knows that if you put your real email address on the web, spammers can automatically harvest that and send you spam. To combat this, many people use the words "nospam" in their addresses so that when you send an email you have to manually remove those words to have the correct email.

Well today I got a comment spam that looked like this:

IP Address:

Name: Davidson Jean

Email Address: nospam@nospam[edited].info

URL: http://[edited].info

Comments: [edited]

This cracked me up! Here we have a spammer disguising their email address so THEY don't get spammed. Oh, the irony.

That's the real IP address, by the way, in case you wanted to send some spam of your own.

Posted by Shelby at May 20, 2004 05:11 PM