May 22, 2004

Snip Snip

Yes, it's Haircut Day in the Hogan Haus. After the two of us walking around with atrociously scraggled hair, we bit the bullet and went to the hair salon in the Hauptbanhof. Now we figured that the Hauptbanhof, being the main train station, would be more likely to have English speakers, and they did--kind of. They had one stylist who spoke English and translated to the two people who did our respective hair.

The place was basically a Supercuts, which was fine with me. Kevin had his hair cut dry but I have always found that to be problematic for me so I had the full shampoo, cut, blow dry experience. Both of us pretty much ended up with a shorter version of what we walked in wearing. Which, again, was just fine with me. My stylist was a good one, adding texture to my hair instead of the blunt cut I'd feared. So now we're good to go for another little while.

Posted by Shelby at May 22, 2004 10:14 PM