June 08, 2004

Hum de Dum

Well, Kevin expressed concern about my lack of a blog entry since Saturday but frankly, I don't have much to say. So here's a quick summary of what's been going on.

Scout saw the vet again on Saturday and while she seems fully healed to us, she still had a bit of tenderness in the injured area on her back. So she's staying on the low dose of steroids, this time every other day, for the next 20 days. We still have the stairs and the couch in the apartment blocked off, just to be sure. The stairs here are steep and are slippery which is how we think she injured herself in the first place.

This weekend we had to make The Decision--should we stay for another 6 months or should we go back in August as originally planned. I struggled a lot with this decision as I've been having a difficult time here lately, but after exhanging long emails with my (former) therapist and thinking a lot, I finally decided I'd like to give it a go. Well as it turns out, it may be a moot point. Adobe is going to have to come through with some tax assistance and they are working on it right now to see if that's going to be possible. So we shall see.

One of my favorite bloggers has officially gone insane. She's been coming unhinged for a while now but I believe she's reached the point of no return. Still, like passing a car wreck, I skim the blog to see if she has anything interesting/sane to say. Yes, she's still on my blogroll. No guessing allowed--I'm not gonna tell who it is. She might eat me. No need to send me an email asking if it's you--if you're reading this you're not her.

German class has suddenly become very difficult. Prepositional phrases in this language are particularly hard. Still, I managed to successfully come up with "He put the body in the cellar. Then, he put the barbecue on the terrace." Weak joke, I know, but you think it's easy coming up with humor in a foreign language?

Looking forward to two upcoming trips. The first, a long weekend driving trip to Denmark. Denmark is a country I never thought I'd see but since it's only a few hours away, why not? Following that I'll be making a much-anticipated trip to the Bay Area. A good friend is getting married in Sonoma and I'll be spending a few days in the San Jose area seeing other people, eating buffalo wings, and stocking up on Ranch dressing mix.

And that's about all on this end.

Posted by Shelby at June 8, 2004 09:54 PM

Hoist a beer for us at Marina's in Gaensemarkt, and think of us ex-Hamburg-expats--Karen & I lived near Roedingsmarkt for two years ('99-01), working for IconMedialab in Altona (office now closed). We coulda stayed another six months & decided not to...and wish we had.

Posted by: joe at June 15, 2004 05:22 PM
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