June 15, 2004

Air Beagle

Boy, it's a blustery day here today. It's raining on and off and the wind is blowing like crazy. When Scout and I went on our walk her ears were flapping so much I thought she was going to take flight.

I'm off to German class tonight. We're doing prepositional phrases (on the table, in the Post Office, to the bank, etc.) and they are really kicking my butt. In German they're rather complex and my brain seems to chug so slowly as I work out each step trying to decide on the correct form of the word "the." And sometimes the preposition changes. For example, if you're in the supermarket it's in the supermarket but if you're in the Post Office, you're auf the Post Office. You're in the hotel but you're auf the city hall. Most buildings use in, but some use auf. So that's just one more thing to trip me up.

After class tonight we're going out for a special birthday dinner. We've spotted an Australian restaurant that claims to have chicken wings. I may find some good buffalo wings in Germany after all!

Posted by Shelby at June 15, 2004 04:48 PM

Hmm. HMMMMM. I hate to possibly add to your confusion, but: "auf der Post" or "auf dem Rathaus" is not necessarily proper German. You will find that more often the further south you go, but here in northern Germany, it's rather uncommon - here you go "zur Post" to buy stamps "in der Post". At least that's what I learned in school, 30 kilometers west of Hamburg...

Anyway, there are some really good restaurants in Hamburg that serve wings American style. I'll try to remember, and give you a few names and addresses if you like.

Posted by: -buck at June 16, 2004 10:24 PM

Buck, NOOOO! AHHHHHH! My head just exploded. Maybe I'll just stick to "I'm going to buy stamps" and let other people figure out if I'm going zur Post to be auf der Post or in der Post.

On the other hand, any wings suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Leave a comment here or email me directly at shelby@happybeagle.com!

Posted by: Shelby at June 16, 2004 10:39 PM
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