June 22, 2004

Is That A Mushroom Cloud, Or Is That Your Hair?

Okay, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to wash my hair and get rid of that horrible style. Yes, that makes it the third time my hair has been washed today, but it was worth it to get rid of the toadstool that was my head. Once I got things wet I got all pissed off because he didn't cut my bangs the way I wanted, which is to say that he didn't cut them at ALL. My long bangs were my primary reason for getting my hair cut in the first place. They hang down into my eyes and hang over the edge of my glasses and look really stupid. He barely glanced at them with the scissors and I asked him TWICE to cut them shorter but he kept insisting that I should wait until they were dry. Well, when he dried them he curled them under which has two effects--one, it makes it impossible to cut them any more because there's no way to tell if they are straight, and two, it makes them much shorter. "See?" he says. Well yeah but I'm NEVER going to dry my hair like this you asshole and they're TOO LONG but it's too late now. I just wanted to get out of there at that point as I was tired of listening to him compliment himself. So anyway, once I got them wet they were still down past my eyebrows, so I finally had to go at them with the scissors, which pisses me off because I could have done that in the first place and saved myself the money.

I know I should probably go back and have him redo them, but I can't because there's not enough time today and I leave tomorrow morning. Plus if he fucked them up once, what makes you think he's going to get it right the second time around? Plus he doesn't speak enough English and I don't speak enough German to complain about it. So anyway, I cut them myself and now they look fine, but I'm really pissed off. I hate it when things like this happen.

Posted by Shelby at June 22, 2004 05:36 PM

Did you have a photo of the mushroom?

Posted by: Katrina at June 23, 2004 03:29 AM
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