July 19, 2004

We Have Returned

We have returned--sans luggage, but at least we're here. We flew from Dublin with a stopover in London and our luggage didn't make the transfer. I'd say that it was lost, but they know exactly where it is, so "left behind" is a better term. After standing forlornly at the baggage carousel, we approached a British Airways person and said that our bags hadn't arrived. "Oh, are you Mr. Hogan?" she asks. Uh, yes, actually. "They've already called about your bags. They'll be coming in on the first flight tomorrow." We then got some more information about when and how they would be getting to us. I have to say, that's one thing that's very nice about the new security--at least they know where your luggage is. We are currently lacking toothbrushes, but other than that it's nothing we can't live without until noon tomorrow.

Our trip was fantastic! We have about a million pictures and stories including how we narrowly missed sharing a bus with a drug-addled psychopath, our stay in a 220 year old manor house with about 40 fireplaces (now a private family home), saw an opera based on the world's trashiest television show, stumbled across a concert of one of Kevin's favorite folk artists, cuddled with two pugs with obstructed breathing problems, and drove past a lot of sheep. Stay tuned!

Posted by Shelby at July 19, 2004 12:43 AM