September 01, 2004

By Special Request

I received the following wonderful comment:

HI Shelby, i hope it is OK for you if I read your Block. I found your site in google during the searching some Infos about beagles. From this time I visit your side fast every day and I like very much your writing style, your way to be open an to talk to the world (I dont understand all, becours of my english, but if your could write some time in german.. it could be great!!!! I wish you vom hanzen herzen to find your Traum-Haus.

Best wishes,
your Internet reading-Fan Ira

So here goes...

Hallo Ira!
Vielen Dank für das Ablesen meines Blog! Ich schreibe English weil ich kein Deutsch sprechen. Ich spreche nur ein bißchen Deutsch und es ist sehr schlecht. Aber für Sie, ich versuche! Als wir sind in Deutschland gelebt, es war sehr schwierig für mich. Aber ich hatte Spaß. Unser Hund Scout war in Deutschland mit uns und sie hatte Spaß auch. Scout sprichst Deutsch--"Vau Vau!" Beagles sind sehr intelligent.

Okay, all of you fluent German speakers out there--no corrections! I did this all on my own with a little help from Google remembering some words. So no making fun of my effort. Click below to read what I was trying to say.

Hello Ira!
Thank you very much for reading my blog! I write English because I don't speak any German. I speak only a little German and it is very bad. But for you, I will try. When we were living in Germany, it was very difficult for me. But I had fun. Our dog Scout was in Germany with us and she had fun too. Scout speaks German--"Vau Vau!" Beagles are very smart.

Vau Vau is how Germans say Woof Woof or Bow Wow or Arf Arf or whatever dog noise you want to make.

Tschuß doesn't have a direct translation but is a word used in Northern Germany to say see you later or until next time.

Posted by Shelby at September 1, 2004 06:30 PM

HI Shelby, Du kannst super Deutsch,
danke für diesen Eintrag!!!!

Bis dann und Alles Liebe

Posted by: ira at September 2, 2004 12:33 AM
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