September 20, 2004

Poor Scouter

She's off to VetSmart right now. Unfortunately we don't have a vet here in the area so I hope the VetSmart one is good (that's the vet that's inside of PetSmart).

I think Scout has a urinary tract infection. This morning she was positively frantic in her efforts to get outside every 5 minutes. She paced the house and scratched the doors (her signal to us) no matter how often Kevin took her out. Each time she would pee, but only a little and appeared to be struggling. When they went out later in the morning for a walk, Kevin said they only made it up to the end of the street because Scout had to dribble at every lawn. We also noticed some blood in her urine.

It's weird because it seems to have cleared itself up. She has been calm and untroubled for the past several hours so maybe it just worked its way out of her system. Still, I don't want to get stuck in a situation where she's desperate again like this morning and we'll be SOL until tomorrow morning. So Kevin's going to take her in. Let's hope we can get this all straightened out quickly. Poor little pup.

Well as it turns out, our PetSmart doesn't have a VetSmart. So Scout got her teeth brushed and a new chewy and new bag of kibble at PetSmart and now they're off again to a walk-in vet nearby.

The vet was unable to get a urine sample from Scout but said she had the classic symptoms of a UTI so we got some antibiotics for her. We've already shoved the first one down her throat with relative ease so that's good. Let's hope she'll be feeling better soon.

Posted by Shelby at September 20, 2004 03:26 PM