September 27, 2004

Grrrr--People who Don't Call Back

So no movement on the house issue today. The seller's agent Meghan contacted Tom, our agent, pointing out that their counter offer requested the appraisal be done 7 days from our acceptance, which was last Tuesday. Well sure it's been 7 calendar days but appraisers and loan people don't work on the weekends, and the documentation they were supposed to provide for us (their release from their previous escrow) on Tuesday didn't get to us until Thursday. So a little flexibility is in order here, don't you think?

Anyway, Kevin called E*Trade to pursue the appraisal (we're waiting for them to pick the appraiser and send him/her out) but our E*Trade rep told us she'd call back with an update. Or not. No further word from her. *sigh*

Posted by Shelby at September 27, 2004 06:24 PM

Be careful with E*Trade Bank. I used them for my car loan and it was a huge headache. They sent a "draft" to the dealership instead of a check which the dealer doesn't normally except (apparently a tactic to delay giving the money to the dealership). And when I paid off the car it took two months (that I didn't have to waste because we were moving here to Germany and I needed the title for the shipper) to get the title only after being told 3 times it was mailed and once it was lost. Finally less than a week before my drop dead date it the original title (never mailed and not lost) showed up at the door without the proper stamp on it. Fortunately they FedEx'd me a letter that was acceptable to MVS. A total total nightmare.

Posted by: DaveO at September 28, 2004 03:13 AM

And PS. I got the impression that E*Trade Bank is a small organization that's very understaffed (Unlike E*Trade Financial)

And PPS. Washington Mutual was a dream to deal with on my mortgage both when I bought and sold the house. They have great online services with a ton of info both before and after the mortgage.

Posted by: DaveO at September 28, 2004 03:19 AM

So sorry you guys are having such a time.
It's amazing how unprofessional people can be.
Good luck!

Posted by: Katrina at September 28, 2004 06:21 AM
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