October 20, 2004

We're Fixing a Hole Where the Rain Gets In

Well it's been pouring off and on here for the last couple of days. Oh the indignity! Hasn't the weather ever heard the song "It never rains in California"? And of course there's the usual Southern Californian reaction to rain, which is "It's raining! Oh my God! Quick--everyone forget how to drive!"

It wasn't a good night for the Rosiak's party tent on the back porch. My dad has this tent on the back porch and during a storm a couple of years ago the tent came loose and ended up on the roof. So to solve that problem, Dad bolted it into the deck boards. Last night it was very windy and we could hear the wind whistling through the tent and a lot of flapping around. After a while Kevin came in and said, "I think your Dad's tent just bought the farm." Sure enough, it was pretty shredded and flapping in pieces.

The good news, however, is that the posts that are bolted to the deck are still standing. Kevin helped my Dad dispose of the tent remnants this morning and now there's a mere skeleton of the poles left on the deck.

To make matters worse, this house has its furnace on the roof (a very poor idea). This morning Kevin discovered that rain was leaking through the air vents. Luckily there was no damage but it was one more thing Dad had to fix this morning.

Extra bonus points for naming the song in this entry's title.

It's Fixing a Hole by the Beatles.

Posted by Shelby at October 20, 2004 03:55 PM

What, no pictures. I'm interested in your living in Germany, where've I've spent some time (Berlin).

Why no pictures of you, the hubby. I do like the dog pic, though.

Posted by: Scott at October 22, 2004 12:15 PM
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