November 01, 2004

Election Night Drinking Game

First of all, get out and VOTE! But what can you do once that's done? Do what I plan to do and drink yourself into a drunken stupor. If my candidate wins, I'll consider it a celebration. If my candidate loses, I'll need the alcohol to numb the horror of the next 4 years.

I found an Election Night Drinking Game and took it upon myself to improve it.

1 drink
-"Too close to call"


-"Swing State"

-"Dead heat"

-"Red State" or "Blue State"


-"Exit polls"

-"Supreme Court"


-"Ralph Nader"

2 drinks
- Every time a winner is declared in a state with less than 5% of precincts reporting

-"Democrat Majority"

-"Hanging (or Pregnant) chad"

-"Voting irregularities"

-Any reference to the fact that Jeb Bush is Florida's Governor

-Any reference to the fact that voters on the West Coast feel their votes don't count if the results come in before their polls are closed

-"Osama bin Laden"


-Anything about taxes

-"War on terror"

Finish what's in your glass
-Any reference to the fact that Nader was not on the ballot in every state

-Announcement of Ohio for Bush

-Announcement of Missouri for Kerry

-Announcement that any state has changed from what the network originally projected

-If your state's electoral college votes go to the candidate you voted for

Drink an entire keg of beer or large, full bottle of hard liquor
-If we actually have a clear cut winner by the end of the evening

Drink a bottle of champagne
-If the winner is your candidate

Posted by Shelby at November 1, 2004 09:37 PM

Dear Shelby, i want so much to ask you, who is your Kandidat, but I know, that this is descret info.
I hope, that Kery will win. I think he has more heart and is more humanistical...hier in Germany most people hope to see Kery. Even the existence from Opel hangs from this election... if Bush win, thousands people will loose their Jobs in Opel, becourse General Motors Chef is a Friend from Bush and Bush du it, becourse Germans were agains the war.... even my Family Budjet hangs from your election...
Best wishes

Posted by: ira at November 2, 2004 01:12 AM

Lol! I'm watching the CNN coverage here in Frankfurt. I would be wasted just from the last hour of coverage if I actually played this game. :)

Posted by: Anna at November 2, 2004 02:28 PM

So are these cumulative? If Jeb Bush is mentioned as being Florida's governor, is that two drinks or three (because of "Florida"). :)

Posted by: Erik at November 2, 2004 03:52 PM

I'll leave that up to you, Erik? As the evening wears on, I personally may just end up drinking indiscriminately depending on who's leading.

Posted by: Shelby at November 2, 2004 03:58 PM

Good lord, If I followed the rules, I'd be loaded off my ass! If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd consider it! Here's to change in the White House......

Posted by: Tori at November 2, 2004 08:09 PM
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