December 22, 2004


And I'm not talking about the 80s pop band either--I got rear-ended tonight. I'm fine--my neck is a bit sore so I'm going to take a hot bath tonight. Luckily the guy wasn't going very fast. I was within an arm's length of home too. I'd just gotten off the freeway and was sitting at a red light at the bottom of the off-ramp waiting for traffic to clear when WHAM! You know that dull thud sound it makes when two large pieces of metal hit each other? Yeah, that sound.

My first thought was "This guy better have insurance!" Okay actually my first thought was a swear word, but my second thought was about the insurance. I flicked on my hazards (oh, and I was in Kevin's car too, not mine, so it took me a little while to FIND the hazards), then went back to survey the damage. I was hit by a Chevy pickup truck that had not even a single scratch. The Contour wasn't so lucky. Of course the truck was high so his bumper actually hit the trunk. The damage isn't really that bad. Kevin was even able to open the trunk later, but still, there's a nice dent there that wasn't there before.

"You hit my car," I said to the driver. "Do you have insurance?" Yes, yes, he said he had insurance. We pulled up a few feet into a parking lot to complete the transaction. The guy spoke zero English but he did produce an insurance paper so I took down all of the information and gave him mine. Funny enough, Kevin looked up his insurance company online and they specialize in "hard to insure drivers!" On the guy's insurance sheet it listed two traffic infractions he'd had--both related to failing to stop at the proper time (like when the car in front of you is stopped?). Looks like Mr. Hard To Insure is going to become Mr. Even Harder To Insure now. I'm just so glad he had insurance. Let's hope it all checks out.

Well I just filed a claim with his insurance so that seems to be okay. Boy, was I stupid--I didn't even think about asking to see his driver's license. I didn't get anything beyond his name and insurance information. Hopefully everything will be on the up and up and it won't matter. I was just so pissed off I wasn't thinking that clearly. Oh well. I did get his license plate number.

Posted by Shelby at December 22, 2004 11:36 PM

Wow, that sucks. Glad that you're okay, though!

Posted by: staz at December 23, 2004 11:18 PM
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