January 19, 2005


Well Kevin and I have caught a cold. I was feeling icky on Monday, but attributed it to my allergies. Then Monday night Kevin started hacking--which is a sure sign of a cold for him. Yesterday I was feeling a little less than 100%, and today I feel out and out lousy. Let's hope this passes soon.

And if you're thinking of buying a laptop, don't buy an IBM Thinkpad. They SUCK! Kevin's hard drive crashed and despite two trips to Fry's, several attempts on my computer, and even the uber-hard drive copier at his dad's office, it cannot be revived. Of course, Kevin's product release is the end of February, so this comes at a fantastic time. Have I already complained about Kevin's Thinkpad hard drive? No, that would be the LAST Thinkpad he had, where the hard drive also crashed in a spectacular manner and had to be replaced. And several keys popped off of the keyboard from Kevin blowing on them.

Here's a little former employee secret. When I worked at IBM, we called the Thinkpads "Stinkpads" because of the constant problems they had. My Stinkpad had a CD-Rom that never worked correctly, and that was a common problem. Hard drives going down was also common. This makes three Thinkpads in our family that have crapped out. And they're not cheap, either! Compare that to my handy Toshiba that ran flawlessly for something like 6 or 7 years and was only retired because of its age. I'm now on a Sony Vaio that I love and haven't had a problem with so far. So here's my warning: Don't buy an IBM Thinkpad!!!

Posted by Shelby at January 19, 2005 02:36 PM