January 20, 2005

A New Doctor

Both of us went today to establish a relationship with our new family doctor, Dr. Budman. He was a had the bedside manner of Dr. Troell, the brilliant doctor who did my sleep apnea surgery and had great bedside manner, and the energy of Dr. Vagelos, a cardiologist at Stanford who was also brilliant but somewhat lacking in the empathy department. One night I was in the ER at Stanford and Dr. Vagelos was on call--he showed up in a track suit and was practically jogging in place checking his heart rate while he gave me an echocardiogram. Dr. Budman was the best of both worlds--just exuding competance.

I typed up a sheet with all of my diagnoses, medications, and surgeries on it to simplify things for my new doctors. When I sat down with the nurse she said, "any medications" and I handed her the list. She gasped and said, "I love you!" Dr. Budman also seemed very impressed with my knowledge of all of my various conditions and medications. I also found out they have some female doctors in the office who specialize in women's health and do gyn. exams and stuff. That will be super-convenient. Plus I got such a good feeling from this office. My last ob/gyn had the world's bitchiest staff, months to wait for an appointment, and limited access to the doctor herself. Their opinion was pretty much that since I wasn't pregnant and bringing a new baby into the world, I wasn't important. It sucked. So this should be much better.

I also got my blood drawn and the phlebotomist got it on the first stick with only a little digging around. I said, "good job!" which I don't think she hears very often. I then related my horrible night in the ER (in Gilroy) when I got stuck 16 times before they successfully started an IV. I told her that they let everyone in the building including the janitor have a go at me, and she thought that was funny.

Posted by Shelby at January 20, 2005 04:11 PM

Hi Shelby, this is so nice feeling to have a right Doc, that you can trust and who really understand you...Our House Doc, is also very nice, I like his attitude...he never give us medicine or drugs, but he said, for example: go twice a week to sweemingpool, or Du 2 hours this exercises, or just relax, drink tee and all will be good....
But my Women Dok is an old Men and he has no concept about Women psychology, so he never hear me, it so like he lives in his own pessimistic detention and absolutely without empathy...Yesterday he said:" Donít be happy about your Baby, if this Baby on the World, so than you can be happy, but now, it could much things happened..." So kind of Dok. also exist....
best wishes

Posted by: ira at January 21, 2005 07:13 AM
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