February 14, 2005

Blogroll Update

For those of you not in the know, a blogroll is a list of the blogs you read on a daily basis. My list has been woefully out of date for months now, but I've finally updated it to reflect the blogs that I actually do check on a daily basis. They're in alphabetical order, and here are a few notes of the new additions (which are actually blogs I've been reading for a while now).

Adventures of an American Girl in Germany
Well the name kind of gives it away, but Anna is indeed an American Girl in Germany. And she speaks much better German than I do.

Daily Dose of Dave
Dave Oeskovic (not to be confused with Dave Barber or Dave Tepper) is another American living in Germany. Dave and I met in Hamburg through the Meetup.com site and he's a really funny guy. Go congratulate him on his new job!

Like Disneyland Every Day
This one's not new--it's my husband Kevin's blog. It does have a new name--this one reflecting our current residence in The OC.

Me, Maggie
One of the most adorable blogs on my blogroll, Maggie is a beagle pup, about the same age as Digory. Maggie's mom is an artist and there are lots of great pictures. If you want a beagle's perspective on the world, check out this blog.

Misty's Journal
Misty is one of the few bloggers on my blogroll I've actually met. Her husband Finian is a good friend of mine from college (Misty's an Albion alum too but we weren't there at the same time). She's currently in Paris visiting Barber.

Query Letters I Love
Put down your beverage before reading this site, lest you spit it all over your keyboard in laughter. This is a guy who runs a talent agency for screenwriters. The blog is his publication of horrible query letters for movies that cross his desk. Be sure to click on his comments. Some of them are more funny than the site itself.

The Best Page in the Universe
Sure to offend everyone, even those who think they aren't easily offended, this webpage describes itself as, "This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong." He's making a big announcement soon and I believe it will be that he's shutting down his site, but the archives are worth it.

The Lingual Nerve
A medical blog written by doctors, for doctors. Some great stuff here for the curious.

Posted by Shelby at February 14, 2005 11:32 PM

Just saying hi! I've been really neglecting my blogging and blog reading lately, so I now I'm catching up. (I guess Bill getting a job has taken a load off my mind!) Anyway, it was a really nice surprise to see this link to me! Thanks! :)

Posted by: Anna at February 18, 2005 11:28 AM
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