February 21, 2005

Meme-y Fun

I AM: I am, I am Superman--and I can do anything. (Bonus points for naming the song*.)
I WANT: Buffalo wings
I HAVE: an ear infection--grrrrrr
I WISH: we had a different President
I HATE: the feeling of antibiotic ear drops creeping out of my ear
I MISS: working at summer camp
I FEAR: sharks and alligators
I HEAR: the Bare Naked Ladies (don't worry Dad, it's a band)
I SEARCH: Google, and often
I WONDER: when it will stop raining.
I REGRET: not quitting things (activities, my job, etc.) when they're really bad for me and I realize later how much heartache I could have saved myself by just doing something else and not being so stubborn
I LOVE: My pack (Kevin, Scout, and Digory)
I ACHE: in my thighs. I think I may have overdone the workout tonight
I AM NOT: stupid
I DANCE: like it's 1999--or is that I party like it's 1999?
I SING: along with everything
I CRY: at the thought or reading about animals being abused
I AM NOT ALWAYS: picking at my face. Okay who am I kidding, I AM always picking at my face
I WRITE: novels, blog entries, editing comments on other people's writing
I CONFUSE: people with my sophisticated (read: obscure) sense of humor
I TASTE: the fruit roll-up I just consumed
I NEED: to sit down and finish my novel

borrowed from the very honest Mom With Attitude.

* "Superman" by REM

Posted by Shelby at February 21, 2005 11:04 PM