February 27, 2005

The Body Count, So Far

Each day I'm reminded that at 1 year, Digory is still a puppy. So far he's destroyed 3 Kleenex boxes. Okay, you would have thought that I'd learn after the first one, or even the second one, but no, there were three within his reach that he chewed up. Next it was the stem of my glasses, which fortunately are still wearable. Now it's the recharger cord for my cell phone. Luckily we can get it off of Amazon for like $8 as opposed to getting it from AT&T for $30 or something.

We're lucky in that Digory is not exhibiting the most major puppy problems. He does seem to be fully housetrained, for example. But there are still moments every now and then that he reminds us that he's only 1.

Posted by Shelby at February 27, 2005 11:32 PM