April 09, 2005


Yes, today is that sad, sad day in a dog's life. The day when heartless, cruel humans deliberately strip a dog of their natural general affect and inflict needless torture to do so.

That's right, it's bath day.

And we're way overdue for it. Scout's getting her bath right now, which is okay because she tolerates it pretty well. Digory, on the other hand, believes that a bath is second only to eating steak in front of him without sharing in degree of cruelty. While Scout is being bathed, Digory is whining (because she's not in the room) and practicing his current favorite activity--Looking Out The Window. He's totally oblivious to his fate, but I wonder if he'll pick up the idea when Scout comes racing out frantically rubbing herself all over the place in an attempt to dry off.

Update: Scout's bath went well, but Digory's??? Well let's just say that with the piteous whining, I had to stick my head in the bathroom to see if everything was okay, and even Scout was very engaged and waiting by the door to see if Digory was being tortured to death or not.

Posted by Shelby at April 9, 2005 10:08 AM