April 24, 2005

Road Trip

Yesterday I went down to San Diego with the Lush girls. It was a blast! For various reasons everyone got a late start, (we got stood up, someone showed up 40 minutes late for the second car, someone else had a very traumatic flat tire) but the amazing thing was that we all reached the restaurant in Old Town San Diego at just about the same time. Whilst looking for a parking spot (I had my mom's minivan, although it turned out that a lot of people flaked on us so we only had 3 passengers, but that was okay) we pulled into this dirt lot where we found out that it had no exit and a slanted entrance with cars on either side, and one car trying to get out and one car trying to get in (we were like, "look buddy, it's not going to happen"). Of course I'm used to driving the Miata, so this behemoth was quite a challenge. I'm very proud to say we emerged from the lot going backwards within 5 minutes without even having to send someone outside to guide us. And don't worry Mom and Dad--not a single scratch! I really impressed the other two girls with my driving skills in that van.

We went to a wonderful Mexican retaurant that was cheap but had very good food. There were 3 different sizes of margaritas (also reasonably priced) and the two girls with the flat tire were just like "Oh my God, I NEED A DRINK!" Then the larges came in these giant glasses that might as well have been fish bowls. After lunch we headed over to one gal's place and played my new favorite game, Apples to Apples which I actually had heard good things about and had bought it for Kevin on a whim. As it turned out, I ended up winning the game. It was a total blast.

And then we were on the road again, every single one of us exhaustes. It was a fabulous trip!

Posted by Shelby at April 24, 2005 01:14 PM

Apples to Apples is quite the hoot. A number of us have played it back here. Some of the group likes to play for opposites or straight to the judge's quirks. :)

Posted by: Erik at April 25, 2005 03:41 PM
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