April 29, 2005

More Meme-y Fun

And since I can't think of anything else to say, let's do another meme!

1. Dream job: I'm doing it, baby!

2. In the next 3 months something you intend to accomplish: Getting a new pair of glasses to replace the ones Digory chewed up the stem of. Did I just make up some new grammar rules in that sentence?

3. The best advice youíve ever received: "Well I could treat you, but I really think you should go to Stanford." Any advice that literally saves my life is good advice to me.

4. The dumbest thing youíve ever been told: You should eat more Cheerios. You know they're heart-healthy. (Hello, I'm on the transplant list--I think I'm beyond Cheerios at this point!)

5. One thing you know to be absolutely true about yourself: I'm a good writer, despite being plagued with self-doubt.

6. If you wrote the story of your life the title would be: You'll Never Believe What Happened to Me!

7. If you could write a book about anything at all what would it be about: I'm doing it already--but the subject is TOP SECRET.

8. When you donít know what to do, what do you do? Ask someone who I feel gives me good advice, like "go to Stanford for your heart care," not "eat more Cheerios!"

9. One of the greatest experiences of your life and why: Hands down, my wedding day. It was absolutely THE best experience of my life to pledge to spend the rest of my life with this wonderful man.

10. Favorite word: Histrionics. I used it all the time while teaching--"Stop the histrionics!"--followed by "What does that mean?" and my response, "Look it up!" I also like the word facetious. Or maybe I'm being facetious about that.

11. The most memorable compliment youíve ever received: "You may have been a late bloomer, but believe me--you bloomed."

12. Your least favorite household chore: pretty much all of them.

Thanks Mom With Attitude!

Posted by Shelby at April 29, 2005 12:38 PM