July 26, 2005

Family Reunion, Saturday July 23rd

About a month ago my cousins proposed having a BBQ for some family in the Southern California area. We figured it was going to be a smallish affair--the adults and kids (who are also adults) and the grandkids--grilling up some tri-tip and hanging out.

And then it went nuts. When Saturday rolled around, 3 folks came from Vegas, bringing Uncle Norb, who is in his 80s and is especially close to my grandfather, who is now 92. Then the "Mystery Guests" arrived--3 relatives from Arizona whose arrival was a complete surprise to everyone.

The little BBQ turned into a family reunion of sorts--all 29 (or so) of us. It was so much fun! Many of the relatives I hadn't seen since my wedding (3.5 years ago) and it was really wonderful to have such a great get-together. This pictures tells it all, I think:

Posted by Shelby at July 26, 2005 11:21 AM

That is lovely! I doubt our family would really want to get together for any other reason that getting one over on each other :\ so I get jealous seeing photos of other people's families having a grand old time.

I'm so happy you had a great time :)

Posted by: annie at July 27, 2005 05:43 AM
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