July 30, 2005

I'm in a Meme-y Mood

More meme-y fun and games. Yes, I know some people (coughKevinchough) don't really like these, but they're fun to me and they give you all something to read rather than the non-entry I might be puttting here (or, actually, leaving blank) instead. Soooooo...

Borrowed from Katie

Following is a list of 26 words, one for every letter of the alphabet. When you read each one, write out the first memory that is triggered by that word. If nothing is triggered, skip it and move onto the next word.

Astronaut The Challenger Explosion. I remember exactly where I was when that happened--in 7th grade math class. Also Discovery--if I were a crewmember right now there's NO WAY I'd be taking that shuttle back down to earth. NASA is "sure" that the falling pieces of foam did no damage and present no danger? Yeah--just like they were "sure" it wouldn't fall off again. Sorry--I'd be taking up residence in the International Space Station until someone could get a decent spaceship up to get me down.

Banjo Someone's in the kitchen with Dinah--strumming on the old banjo--is that what they call it these days? Anyway, I remember them being twangy and annoying.
Crystal deodorant. You know those crystal deodorants that's basically a rock you're supposed to wet and it banishes the stink naturally? Two words: "Doesn't. Work." I used this once on a very important night to a teenage girl to disasterous results. Never again.
Deviant Art at the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg (don't bother clicking unless you speak/read German)
Erotic literature. My memory is this girl in high school who adamantly insisted that Harlequin Romances were hard-core erotica and felt compelled to hide them from her parents (and no, they were'nt super Christian conservatives either).
Fall down. I'm a klutz and I do that a lot. The one that immediately comes to mind was when I was walking Scout in Germany and tripped over her, bashing my knee into the ground and abrading my chin (of all places).
Gangster rap. Kevin tells this story of when he went to Germany and got into one of his co-worker's car and suddenly the radio was blasting gangsta rap. Hunh?
Hopeless depression, lots of it.
Idiotic people, and there seems to be a glut of them walking around. For example, everyone in the state of California who voted for Schwarzenegger.
Jump Rope rhymes--the ones you'd sing in elementary school
Kite The Kite Runner, a most excellent, excellent book.
Love buying Hallmark cards. How cynical is that? Hey, they said to say the first thing that pops in your head.
Merry-Go-Round vertigo and nausea, also trying to jump on while it was going and getting biffed and rubbed in the sand. Fun times!
Nickname I got called Shelb a lot as a kid. Still do but not as often.
Ouch "I am stuck on Band-Aids, 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me" (watching tv in the 80s is the specific memory here.)
Purple my childhood favorite color
Quiet a command that means "No barking!"--we're still working on that one. In fact, it happened yesterday, so consider this a recent memory
Rabbit Our first pet rabbit Brownie. Brownis had some issues but he was awfully cute. I'd get another one, but they're loved by humans and hunted by beagles, so maybe not the best pet idea.
Stickers the premium ones to have in your collection--puffy, changeable, scratch and sniff, and googly eyes.
Toes Heads, shoulders, knees and...
Unique Me! As for a memory--well I've always been unique :).
Victory Winged, as in the Winged Victory statue displayed in the Louvre. I found it very impressive both times I went there. I love the Louvre. Except the getting lost part.
Wistful working at camp.
X-ray way too many to count, but a memorable one is one that Digory got recently of his leg. I was surprised to see how closely the bones matched those of humans.
Yellow or blonde, actually. I was just talking to someone about dying my hair again and I looked through a few pictures of me as a blonde. I think I make a good blonde, but I'm still not convinced I'm willing to spend the money to get a good colorist.
Zebra My parent's pictures of their trip to Africa.

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