August 12, 2005

Wine Via Jelly Bellies

Well now this is interesting! Here's a website with recipes for mixing up flavors of jelly beans to simulate the flavors of wine varietals, straight from Wine X magazine, Jelly Belly, and DeLoach vineyards. First you're supposed to eat the individual flavor and then find that flavor in the wine. Then you eat 'em all at once and it's supposed to reproduce the wine entirely. Since Jelly Belly beans are all sweetness and light, you'll have to substitute some Bertie Bott's flavors for the more baser notes.

The kits sold on the website seem a bit overpriced to me, particularly when you can visit your local bulk candy store and pick out as many of each variety you might want. But they do sell "shooters"--individual packets of varietals so you don't have to sort and count. I'm tempted.

Here's a sample recipe, for a "Typical California Pinot--Oaked (but not too much)"

1 French Vanilla
1 Buttered Toast (Bernie Bott's)
1 Cappucino
2 Cherry
1 Raspberry
1 Strawberry
1 Plum
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 Pepper (Bernie Bott's)

...and voila!

Hat tip to Neil.

Posted by Shelby at August 12, 2005 04:12 PM