August 30, 2005

Time With My Niece

I had a wonderful day yesterday and this morning. My niece Corie, age 9, came to stay the night with us.

I started the day by making a deposit and getting some cash from my bank's atm (this becomes important later). I drove to my brother's office to pick Corie up and arrived on an empty gas tank. I mentioned this and Corie said there was a cheap gas station just up the road--and she was right! $2.61 a gallon as opposed to the $2.71 in Anaheim (this was yesterday--higher today now). Score! But then I opened my wallet to pay check card. Crap! So I called Kevin and asked him to go to the bank and see if he could get my card back or cancel the card if they didn't have it.

Corie and I then headed straight to Downtown Disney where we strolled around and ate pretzels. Corie got a cute mood ring. When we arrived home Kevin said they wouldn't tell him anything at the bank, so I rushed over there only to learn that they empty the machine at 3:00 and I should come back after then. Well okay, I can see why they won't give the card to Kevin (it's in my name only, even though the account is in both of our names), but they could have told him that much!

So we headed back home where I got out my craft supplies and my fancy dip pens and ink and we wrote letters and decorated envelopes. We then played a few games--some cards and Set and then we went back to the bank (where thankfully I got my card back) and to the grocery store.

Corie picked out dinner (Ham, mac and cheese, corn) and we cooked it together which was a lot of fun. After dinner we played some more games and then deep conditioned our hair and took showers. Then there was some painting, and by that point Corie could barely keep her eyes open so she went off to bed.

We had planned on making homemade cinnamon rolls, but I didn't read the recipe closely and somehow missed the "Allow 3 hours for dough to rise" part, so instead Kevin went to the store early this morning and got us some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. They were most excellent. We then played a couple more rounds of Set and I took her back to Brad's. All in all we had a great time!

Posted by Shelby at August 30, 2005 04:23 PM