October 02, 2005

Look, I've been busy!

Hello my faithful readers. This has been a busy weekend for me. Friday was stained glass, as usual. Remember that piece in the middle of my window that I broke? So I brought the replacement piece of glass to class (why I didn't cut it at home, I don't know). And then guess what? Broke that piece while cutting. Absolutely wonderful. So I had to drive home (a whopping 3 miles) and find more of that glass and cut it a third time. Success! After several tries I finally wedged it into my window and managed to finish soldering and "beading" the window on one side. I'm going to have to get some work done at home because I'm a bit behind--not as behind as some in my class, but I work slowly (I'm paranoid of a repeat of the broken piece). Kevin already has his "lead came"--the frame of the window--applied on two sides so he's way ahead of me. And another girl in the class actually patinaed her window and is done. So I feel the pressure. More below.

Saturday morning I headed to Arcadia (in LA) to go wedding dress shopping with my friend Dorothy. Her wedding, not mine. She tried on some real cute dresses and I think she may have found The One. It looked fantastic on her and was very slimming (although this girl hardly needed slimming).

Following the shopping I headed down to Orange to turn in my final donations for my CHOC Walk. Thanks to many generous people, I reached a total of $505.00! THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Following that, we headed out to Torrance for a wine tasting party at my parent's. That was a very nice party. My dad had a fantastic vertical of Lytton Springs Zinfandel (before it became Ridge Lytton Springs--and if that makes no sense to you, carry on). A vertical is a collection of the same wine from the same winery and vineyard over a period of time. Dad's vertical this time was from 1976 to sometime in the late 90's. It was over 25 years and was really fun to try the wine from year to year. Lest you think this is some kind of hoity-toity adventure, many of the early bottled had price tags reading "$5.99" and such. Kevin and I have started a vertical or two and in 20 years you're all invited to a kick-ass party at our house.

This morning, Sunday, was the actual CHOC walk. I had a blast! I walked with my friend Amy, her friend Sally, and Amy's 5 year old, Kylie. I got up at 6am which wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. The walk started officially at 7:30 and it took us about 2.5 hours to make the whole route, which went through Disneyland and across the way, all the way through Disney's California Adventure. It was crowded (something like 10,000 people) so we walked at a leisurely pace, which was good because the route was 4 miles total. As we walked through the parks, there were characters in costume all along the route cheering us on. Kylie particularly liked Alice in Wonderland who knelt down to her level and held on quite the conversation--much more in depth than you'd get during a regular visit to the park. It was very cute. The walk was a lot of fun, and thanks again to all of my contributors.

I sacked out and took a nap upon arrival back home, then we headed to Kevin's grandparent's (they live about 10 minutes from us) and met his parents there. It was fun to hang out, and Cindy is hemming some slacks for me for an event yet to be named here on the blog. We then hit IN-N-OUT and Trader Joe's and are back safe and sound!

Posted by Shelby at October 2, 2005 08:00 PM