November 30, 2005

Quick Update

Phew, this has been a busy week. The mountains were great--it was nice to get away and the dogs loved it. There was one small problem. Digory likes his privacy when going potty. He doesn't like to do it on a leash. Prior to our visit to the mountains, he'd only gone on leash once. Well of course the cabin doesn't have a nice fenced-in yard, and neither dog can be trusted to run free (plus there's a coyote problem) so it's on-leash or nothing. Poor Digory--the dog has an iron bladder. He kept scratching at the door but wouldn't go potty when Kevin took him out. It got really bad the second night. We had both crates in the bedroom because Scout wouldn't shut up if her crate was in the living room. I woke up several times to hear Digory whining and pacing back and forth in his crate. He clearly had to go, but every time Kevin took him out he'd refuse to do it. It was very frustrating (for Kevin, since he was the one who kept taking him outside). Finally at about 3:30 am, Digory went potty and we all got some sleep. But other than that, the mountains were great and very relaxing.

Last night we had our friends Dave and Chelsea over for dinner. We had Raclette which was so awesome. Dave is a classical guitarist and Chelsea is a singer so they played a few pieces for us and they were just gorgeous. Although one piece had Chelsea hitting some very high notes. So she's singing her heart out hitting these high notes and all of a sudden Digory comes trotting into the room right over to Daddy to hide under the table. Apparently he doesn't like the really high notes. It was hilarious!

I've spent today cutting glass. I need to go get one (maybe 2?) pieces of yellow glass for my project, and if they don't have the kind I've already cut, I'm going to need about 3 sheets of a different yellow glass to use. Which would suck. Our goal is to have everything cut and foil wrapped by class on Friday. We'll then start tacking and soldering. Since we're missing the following class this is going to cut it close, so we'd like to be as prepared as possible for Friday.

Posted by Shelby at November 30, 2005 11:08 PM
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