January 20, 2006

A New Version

Kevin updated our blogging software to the latest version, and it's taking a little bit of an adjustment to adjust to the new interface. However, I do have some quick formatting buttons! I can bold, italicize and underline without having to hand-code. I can also link http://www.happybeagle.com/kevin/blog/ and add an email field.

And I can quote.

Yesterday was Day 2 of my Basic Design class. I'm not sure how the 8 am thing is working out. I was fine until 8:30 but then the teacher did a combination of lecture and videos and I, along with a large part of the class, nearly fell asleep. The teacher did admit that he squeezed an entire semester of Art History into one lecture, which I appreciated. After this it looks like most of our days will be hands-on. We already have homework that, as far as I can tell, basically amounts to doodling. Doodling to music, actually. I'm feeling confident that I can do that. My paralyzing art phobia may be chipped away slowly.

Parking was much better. Well, not much better (like my easy use of boldface there?), but better than Day 1. I think it will get better as we go along. Particularly because the class is so early.

We have a quiz on Tuesday. He announced it, then wrote the quiz on the board so we could study ahead of time. Hunh? Is this a community college thing--giving the quiz questions before the quiz? That wasn't how I taught as a TA/Per course instructor. Take-home exams, yes, but giving away the quiz before it happens? Seemed a little strange to me.

Oh, and on a side note, I finally looked up my grade from Stained Glass and got a B! Hooray!

Posted by Shelby at January 20, 2006 10:41 AM

I had a high school teacher who did that. He would give us every question before the test, and then give us EVERY ANSWER as well. All you had to do was write it word-for-word off the board, go home and memorize it. If you did that, you aced every exam, which I did handily. :)

Posted by: J. at January 20, 2006 11:06 AM

Forget everything you learned as a TA if you're going to go to a community college (or teach at one). Its a whole different world - you should see the grading curves I had to use my first semester teaching at one!

Posted by: Mary at January 21, 2006 08:54 AM
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