February 08, 2006

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is Kevin's birthday! Happy Birthday Kevin!

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Posted by Shelby at February 8, 2006 12:03 PM

Happy birthday and all all the best for Kevin wish Marie-Louise & Ira!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: ira at February 8, 2006 01:03 PM

Happy Birthday Kevin! And Aroooo from Gypsy!! ;-)

Posted by: staz at February 9, 2006 05:03 AM

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!

Posted by: Katrina at February 10, 2006 08:04 PM

Since I didn't have the free time to properly appreciate this when it was posted, I had to come back to this one and say:

Precious Moments! How Precccccccciousssss!

(Shelby and I have a thing against Precious Moments; we used to joke at how disappointed we were that we didn't get married in the Precious Moments Wedding Chapel in lovely Carthage, Missouri.)

And thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!

Posted by: Kevin at February 14, 2006 10:04 AM
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