February 27, 2006

Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Our good friend Marc sent me this link a long time ago and I keep forgetting to post about it but now I remembered! His mom April made some absolutely gorgeous quilts and they're featured on the web. I thought I would include them here so you can see her talent and beautiful creations. (click on the images to get a larger version)

First: Batik Beauty--and what a beauty this is! I love the bright colors!
Batik Beauty--whole quilt

Batik Beauty--closeup

Batik Beauty--Back

Next we have: MEOW! What a darling cat-themed quilt.

MEOW!--whole quilt



And finally: Convergence. This one's my favorite because it's just. so. cool.

Convergence--whole quilt

Convergence--closeup 1

Convergence--closeup 2

Congratulations to April for making such beautiful quilts!

Posted by Shelby at February 27, 2006 11:15 AM

Woooooooooow, so so nice are this quilts!!!!
To create this beauty needs so so much Time, (Geduld) patience, volition (wille)and something magical and spiritual too..

best wishes

Posted by: ira at March 1, 2006 11:55 AM
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