May 10, 2006

It's Official

I have bronchitis. Ick. I decided to go ahead and go to the doctor today because of our VEGAS BABY! trip, figuring if this was something that required medication I'd probably better get started sooner rather than later. I just love my doctor though. He's always so thorough, and has open appointments. So I went in and came out with a prescription for some hard-core cough medicine (hooray! I can breathe now!). It's a virus so there's nothing else to do but he thought I should be feeling better in time for VEGAS BABY! so that's good.

Posted by Shelby at May 10, 2006 08:18 PM

Ich w√ľnsche Dir gute Besserung!!!
Alles Liebe,

Posted by: ira at May 11, 2006 02:22 AM

Vielen Danke, Ira!

Posted by: Shelby at May 11, 2006 11:44 AM
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