June 10, 2006

Meme Fun!

A. Pick 11 of your favorite movies.
B. Then pick one of your favorite quotes from each movie.
C. Post the quotes on your blog.
D. Have your friends guess what the movie is. (Kevin, you're disqualified).
E. Either strike out the quote once it has been correctly identified or place the guesser's user name directly after the quote.
F. Extra points for knowing the actor or character's name.

1. "Excuse me, Ma'am--I speak jive."

Airplane! guessed by Erik

2. "Thanks for nothing Mister Store Person!"

Best In Show, line is by Parker Posey's character, guessed by Kevin.

3. "You know you really shouldn't mumble, little boy. I can't understand a word you're saying."

Still unguessed! Kevin, you left it out but you're not allowed a second chance. Anyone? Mary?

4. "The chickens are revolting!" "Finally, something we can agree on!"

Chicken Run, line is by Mr. and Mrs. Tweedy, guessed by Kevin

5. "We're gonna need a bigger boat."

Jaws guessed by Karin

6. "You gotta put your behind in the past."

The Lion King, line is by "either Timon or Pumbaa." Well which one is it? You can't have it both ways! I bet MARY knows this. guessed by Kevin

7. "That'll do, pig. That'll do."

Babe guessed by Erik

8. "It ends when you decide and we both drink, and find out who is right and who is dead."

The Princess Bride guessed by Karin

9. "I am no man!"

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King guessed by Erik. Special nod to Karin as the line also appears in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? (although that wasn't what I was referring to).

10. "If you're really Santa Claus, you can get it for me. And if you can't, you're only a nice man with a white beard like mother says."

Miracle on 34th Street guessed by Karin

11. "Reverend Mother, I have sinned" "I too, Reverend Mother"

The Sound of Music guessed by Karin

Leave your answers in the comments.

Okay Mary and Kevin, you can jump in now.

Posted by Shelby at June 10, 2006 05:23 PM

hey Shelby - it might be unfair if I guessed . these! I may not have lived with you for quite a while but I don't think our tastes in movies have changed that much!!


Posted by: Mary at June 10, 2006 05:56 PM

Good point Mary. You're disqualified too!

Posted by: Shelby at June 10, 2006 05:57 PM

1. Airplane
4. Hot Shots!
7. Babe
9. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
11. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Posted by: Erik at June 11, 2006 05:30 AM

5. Jaws (my husband taught me that one)
8. The princess bride (I think)
9. Oh Brother, Where are though.
(he's a suitor, he's bonafide)
10. Miracle on 34th St.
11. The Sound of Music

I could be wrong about #9. However, it is definitely a quote from that movie.

Posted by: Karin at June 11, 2006 07:03 PM

Okay, now I'll come through and bat cleanup:

2) Best In Show (Parker Posey's character)
4) Chicken Run (Mr. & Mrs. Tweedy)
6) The Lion King (either Timon or Pumbaa)

Posted by: Kevin at June 12, 2006 12:12 PM

#3 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Posted by: Mary at June 13, 2006 04:06 AM
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