June 14, 2006

Greetings from San Jose

I'm here in exciting San Jose for the week. Kevin and I drove up yesterday morning--we planned to leave the house around 8:00 am and we ended up leaving the house at...8:00 am! I think that's an absolute first for us. Not only leaving the house on schedule, but doing it in the morning. The drive up was problem-free and we got into town around 3:00ish. Kevin went over to Adobe for work while I took a nap. Later I did some work on my Secret Project and we ate at one of our old haunts, Aqui restaurant. This morning I was off to Faux Salon to see my friend Jennifer and get my first hair cut in like 9 months. Jennifer cut my hair and we caught up on each other's lives. After that I went shopping because I realized yesterday on the drive here that while I had a really cute new black dress for Dorothy's wedding (Saturday), it has spaghetti straps and I have no strapless bra. Off I went to Mervyns and as luck would have it, today was their One-Day 50% Off Sale! I couldn't resist buying two really cute dressy blouses, which I desperately needed since I have nothing but t-shirts save one button down blouse. Tonight I'm having dinner with my friend Hai-Nhu. I'm looking forward to seeing her because she's pregnant and pregnant ladies are so cute. Tomorrow, my birthday, I'm going to hang out with Dorothy, the blushing bride, and attend her Hawaiian themed bachelorette party. Friday we're heading up to Berkeley to have dinner with our friends Anita and Derek. Saturday is the wedding (yay!) and Sunday we're going up to the Napa area to go see Wendy (who is also pregnant and due within just a week or two of Hai-Nhu) and Marc (and their doggie Akima). Monday it's a loooooooong trek all the way back down to lovely Anaheim, concluding our trip.

So that's the itinerary. We've got an internet connection in the hotel but there's just one plug-in and we have two computers so Kevin gets to use it at night. He's pretty swamped with his current project so the poor guy has been working all hours. So if you don't see me around, that's why. Hope all of you are having a wonderful week!

Posted by Shelby at June 14, 2006 05:28 PM
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