July 18, 2006


Be sure to see Kevin's entry on the cool plaque in front of our house.

Much like everywhere else, it's been hot here. I do feel bad for the folks at Disneyland. Seriously, if there's one piece of advice I would give summertime Disneyland visitors, it would be, "Don't wear a black shirt."

We're gearing up for Kevin's big trip to Philmont, the Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico (here's the official site, and here's the unofficial official site). Kevin used to work at Philmont and is returning now with Zach's troop. This means that I'm going to be unsupervised for two whole weeks. I'm thinking of throwing a kegger and trashing the house. Wanna come?

Posted by Shelby at July 18, 2006 05:59 PM
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