September 14, 2006

Vote Lynn Daucher for...What???

She's Lynn Daucher!
She's a Republican!
She's "Fighting for a Better Future"!
She's running for...

yeah, we're not sure.

A few days ago we got a very impressive flyer from Ms. Daucher in the mail. It's a glossy, full color, four-page booklet outlining her accomplishments. We learn:

*She's a former teacher
*She wrote legislation to keep the Class Size Reduction Program
*She supports Making Health Care More Affordable
*She was a part of the campaign for "Jessica's Law" (which, again, no idea what that is)
*She co-authored a measure to require the monitoring of "high-risk sex offender" parolees by using GPS devices
*She opposes higher taxes and is into protecting our tax dollars
*She has short, gray hair

What we don't learn:

*What she's running for

You think that might be kind of important, no? No problem, I thought, I'll just check out her website. A close, careful reading of this no-doubt very expensive flyer revealed no website address. Hello??? The power of common sense (confirmed by Google) lead me to (bonus points for having the site available in both Spanish and Vietnamese--Tan Nguyen could take a page from her book). It's a very good campaign website (again, hint-hint-Tan Nguyen).

As it turns out, she's running for State Senate.

Lynn, you seem like a nice person and I'm intrigued by your brochure here. Although I am not a Republican, I will definitely read more about you before deciding on my vote. However. The next time you spend a lot of money on an impressive brochure, you might want to consider advertising what it is you're running for as well as your website address so folks like me can do more research about you. Thanks!

Posted by Shelby at September 14, 2006 11:12 PM
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