September 24, 2006

Disneyland Tomorrow

Tomorrow we're taking Zach to Disneyland (which reminds me--I should put the ticket in my purse right now). He hasn't been in a few years and we have a free ticket that expires at the end of the month so we thought we'd take him along. Apparently the Matterhorn (rollercoaster), the Haunted Mansion, and the Monorail are closed. We're assuming they are refurbishing the Matterhorn though I'm not sure why since it was just refurbished recently (well, within the last couple of years). They are transforming the Haunted Mansion into a Nightmare Before Christmas theme, which is really cool (or it was last year so I assume it will be this year too). And they're building a Finding Nemo-themed submarine ride so the Monorail is closed since it goes right over the development site.

Because I know you care.

Posted by Shelby at September 24, 2006 01:22 AM

The Matterhorn closes EVERY year in Sept/Oct for refurbishing. It's just an old ride and it needs a little TLC every fall. You'll notice most of the old rides cycle through closures in the slow's likely Space Mountain and/or Big Thunder are next. You're lucky they aren't all closed at once.

Posted by: Sherri at September 26, 2006 12:06 PM
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