October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! It was a good night here. Kevin was off at his Chinese class so I was holding down the fort with the big bowl of candy. Digory doesn't like people to come to the door, so he started going nuts as soon as the doorbell started ringing. I put him in the back bedroom and tossed him various bribes for a while (pig's ears, rawhide chips, a Kong, etc.) but after a bit he was just barking and scratching down the door. I finally put him in his crate and just let him bark it out.

Then Kevin came home and took Digory into his room where he was still carrying on. Finally Kevin comes out and asks when the last time was that Digory went potty. Oops--a while. He let him go and Digory made a beeline for the yard and instantly got to business. I felt so bad! In all fairness, he was really carrying on because of the strangers at the door, but here he had to go outside and I ignored it!

Anyway, there were some really cute costumes this year. My favorites are always the toddlers. We got a little ladybug this year who was adorable, followed closely by a tiny little fairy. We also grossly overestimated on the candy. Last year we ran out so this year we got twice as much and I was more stingy giving it out. Too bad now that we're stuck with a 5 pound Costco bag of chocolates. Kit Kats anyone?

Posted by Shelby at October 31, 2006 11:32 PM

We had the opposite problem. Last year we had way too much candy left over, so this year we bought less. We ended up running out of candy! Good thing Aaron had a stash of candy - we ended up using that towards the end!


Posted by: Mary Alfson at November 1, 2006 05:29 AM

Nope, I'm still trying to unload the two bags of Twix. Could you prevent me from putting it on my ass? That'd be great.

Posted by: Annastazia at November 1, 2006 05:58 PM
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