February 15, 2007


Feb 14, 2007
4:52 PM Picked up FULLERTON, CA
6:47 PM Left origin FULLERTON, CA
8:54 PM Shipment exception LONG BEACH, CA Delay beyond our control

Feb 15, 2007
1:41 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
6:01 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
6:06 AM At dest sort facility DENVER, CO
8:38 AM At local FedEx facility ENGLEWOOD, CO
8:51 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery ENGLEWOOD, CO
10:41AM Delivered

FedEx is so efficient! Particularly how it took them 5 minutes to get it off the plane and put it in the stack to go to Denver. Which is what I'm assuming happened between 6:01 am and 6:06 am. Unless it actually traveled from Memphis to Denver, a distance of 1094.54 miles (according to Mapquest), in 5 minutes. And for those of you not familiar with the middle of American geography (perhaps my German friends), you have to fly East over Denver to get to Memphis, and then turn around and come back 1,100 miles. But I'm not complaining.


Posted by Shelby at February 15, 2007 11:21 AM
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