February 21, 2007

A Slight Setback

Because nothing goes smoothly, we had three errors in our homestudy. The first was that two numbers were transposed on our financial statement. Kudos to our agency for catching that! Talk about a fine-toothed comb--they went through with a calculator to make sure everything added up. The second was some missing paperwork from our homestudy agency. Fortunately we had a copy of that and were able to fax it over right away. Third was that Kevin's blood tests expired. That was kind of a bummer. The good news there is that they didn't need to be notarized, certified (sent to the Secretary of State in Sacramento), or authenticated (at the Chinese Consulate in LA). It just needs to be an addendum attached to the original. We learned this Monday and Kevin fasted Monday night (since they were fasting tests). Yesterday morning he headed over to our doctor to see if the doctor could just write out an order for the tests which he would be able to do that day. Our doctor's nurse was very cool about it and just did that for him, so he got the tests done yesterday. The results should be in Thursday and Kevin will go back in and get the results and official letter all signed and everything, and then we'll send it in. Fortunately it only put us back a few days and we have plenty to spare at this point, but it's still frustrating to have one more thing. Still, it could have been a LOT worse. Other than those 3 things, our dossier looked great and we should be moving to translation very soon. Yay!

Posted by Shelby at February 21, 2007 11:42 AM
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