April 02, 2007

Still Recovering

I'm still on the path to recovery. I ended up in the ER last night for some IV fluids. I'd gotten really dehydrated and was also feeling really out of it mentally. It was very surreal. The doctor was asking me questions checking on my mental state, and he asked what day it was. It went like this:
Me: "Sunday"
Him: "What month?"
Me: "March."
Him: "April?"
Me: "April?"
Him: "April 1st?"
Me: "April Fools!"

Haha just kidding. I actually said that I'd forgotten that the day was the first of the month since I'd been flat on my back for the previous few. Anyway, I was sent home with some of the good nausea medicine (Zofran). I'm glad I didn't have to stay. I seem to have shared the fun with Kevin too, because I'm nice like that. He's also experiencing some tummy upset so we're a fun family right now. I'm going back to work on Wednesday so let's hope I continue to improve!

Posted by Shelby at April 2, 2007 08:25 PM
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