May 04, 2007

But I'm Not Disabled Anymore!

Way back in 2002 when I couldn't walk 5 feet without stopping to rest, my doctor authorized me for a handicapped parking placard. Even then, I always felt a little guilty using it and tried not to use it if there were close spaces nearby because, you know, just in case a more handicapped person came along. Then, lo and behold, I got better, so I threw the permit away (being the good citizen that I am). Each placard is good for 2 years and expires in June. In 2005 I received a renewed placard in the mail. Once again, I threw it away. And then today--I got my renewal! I'm good to park until 2009! The funny part is that by law, you are required to return the placard if the person no longer lives at that address or if the person is deceased. That's it. I guess nobody ever gets better. How pessimistic of our government.

I may send it back, or I may just be lazy and deal with it in 2009.

Posted by Shelby at May 4, 2007 03:00 PM
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