October 05, 2007

Good News, Everyone!

Since we don't watch regular television, we do occasionally watch tv programs on dvd. In doing so, we have found that there is one sure thing--a really good program will be canceled far before its time. One of these programs is Futurama. It's a cartoon created by the guy who did The Simpsons, but is about 10,000 times better than The Simpsons, which of course doomed it to go off the air.

However, Futurama is BACK! They are releasing a series of 4 feature-length movies straight to dvd, and those movies will be cut into 4 individual episodes and aired on Comedy Central after the movies come out. We in the Hogan household are very excited about this. Bender's Big Score is released on November 27th--pre-order your copy from Amazon now!

Here's the official trailer. If you've never seen Futurama before (and you're local--let us know, we've got them all) you should know that most of the humor is a lot less scatological than this trailer.

Posted by Shelby at October 5, 2007 04:14 PM
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